Research, Education & Advocacy Areas

See below the key activities carried out by GHPi including research through journal publications, capacity building through training and education, translation of research through media coverage, and information about current research projects

List of Journal Publications

Visit our publications library to view all journal publications co-authored by Director Tim Mackey since 2009 until present. Publications are ordered by publication year and content type. Research themes examined for each year are also summarized.

Educational Offerings

Visit our education and training website to explore our various academic and professional training programs delivered through our partner institutions. Also visit our mentoring portal, Blockchain Workshop, Combatting Corruption or CLRE Academic Writing Course webpage if you are a current student.

Media Coverage

Visit our media library to view media coverage of GHPi activities including news coverage, videos, TV broadcasts, and multimedia of academic presentations.

Current Research Projects

For individuals who are working with GHPi, visit our current research projects webpage to view information about ongoing projects and their current status.


See our FAQ on global health policy to learn some basics about the definition of global health policy, global health governance, and health diplomacy. Also see some discussion about how we approach global health policy research from an interdisciplinary lens.

Member of our Research Team?

Are you a member of the GHPi research team? If so, please visit the below research forum page to login into the secured discussion board to share your ideas.

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