Interdisciplinary Collaboration

We believe that the only way to effectively tackle complex global health problems is through an interdisciplinary lens that embraces multiple areas of study, different stakeholders, and utilizes new and innovative cross-cutting methodologies

Innovative Research

Research and the evidence it generates should be at the core of global policymaking. To this aim, GHPi is dedicated to addressing underserved and important topics through innovative research, application of data science, and policy, law and governance inquiry

Practical Education

To ensure evidence-based policymaking and advocacy, more global health practitioners with training in global health policy are necessary. GHPDi fills this need by offering a variety of training and education options in the field


See our FAQ on global health policy to learn some basics about the definition of global health policy, global health governance, and health diplomacy. Also see some discussion about how we approach global health policy research from an interdisciplinary lens.

Member of our Research Team?

Are you a member of the GHPi research team? If so, please visit the below research forum page to login into the secured discussion board to share your ideas.

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